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Write to Governor Jerry Brown today and ask that he veto SB 655 (Mitchell). This bill would add mold to the conditions that make housing substandard and create a host of risk management issues for rental property owners and managers.
• It goes overboard in defining any amount of any mold as a substandard housing condition.
• It does not distinguish between mold conditions that endanger health from those that do not.
• The bill relies on building inspectors with no training in recognizing mold or types of mold.
• It does not provide a workable standard for determining when a violation is cured.
• It would criminalize violations of these provisions, meaning that property owners and managers could be exposed to prosecution.
• Other states have enacted laws for the licensing of mold contractors in order to ensure the proper assessment and remediation of mold.
Send your letter to the Governor today and ask him to veto SB 655!

Posted by: americanheritageproperties on October 5, 2015
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