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Building a Better Relationship with Landlords

Building a Better Relationship with Landlords

Much has been written about horrific relationships between landlords and tenants. While each side may hold valid arguments over the other, it does not mean that one cannot peacefully coexist with the other. In fact, both parties need one another.

Here, we talk about the ways for tenants to land on the good side of their landlords. How well you get along with your landlord can determine the experience you will have just as much as how long you will be staying.

Paying on Time

It pays to remember that it is still a business relationship. No matter how warm your landlord is towards you, you will quickly wear out your welcome if you act like a troublesome tenant and routinely miss your payment dues.

Being Respectful

This not only means taking care of the home itself, but also being courteous to neighbors and the landlord. Being considerate can help to establish you as a good neighbor and tenant.

Caring For the Home

Bear in mind that even though you are only renting and the landlord is responsible for repairs, you can still undertake small repairs every now and then. Taking good care of your landlord’s property is a good way to warm yourself in your landlord’s heart.

Putting Yourself on Your Landlord’s Shoes

To receive fair treatment, you have to be a fair person yourself. This applies to both sides of the equation. If you treat the other party with respect, you will likely receive the same treatment. Always take into consideration what you would do if you reversed your roles and you will act accordingly.

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Posted by: americanheritageproperties on November 25, 2014
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