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How to Establish the Rental Value of my San Diego Rental Home

Our topic today is how to establish the rental value for your rental home. It’s not as easy as you might think. A lot of people take a look at their expenses and they want a rent that will cover those expenses. But your expenses don’t have anything to do with the market value of your rental property. This would be like establishing the value of your house by what you can afford. It doesn’t work that way. (more…)

Simple Reminders to Avoid Late Rental Payments

Some unfortunate circumstances may cause you to stop paying or delaying your rental payments. This, however, may lead to financial consequences, such as late fees.

You may not have that many options during situations like this, so it’s always better to take preventive measures right from the start. By remembering to pay your rent on or before the deadline, which is often on the first day of the month, you can save yourself from paying extra fees. The good thing is there are simple ways to remind you of the upcoming rental home payments.

Preset the Payments on the First Day of the Month

The easiest way to pay rent on time is to automate it. Setting up a recurring payment enables you to get funds from your bank account and pay the landlord on time each month. This option is ideal if you consistently earn enough money to cover the payments. Our system will allow you to automatically and electronically pay your rent each month–ask you property manager for more details about this free service

Set up an Organized Payment Scheme

Paying the bills is something that almost everyone dislikes. But, if you prioritize and organize all your bills well, you can avoid scrapping for money to pay rent. With an established system, you won’t miss any due. In general, don’t accommodate two big payments within the same cycle.

Use Your Housemates and Alarms for Notifications

Unless you have a special ability, you can’t keep everything in your memory. Many tenants overlook the importance of having others help remind them of the rent. If you’re living with family members or friends, ask them to remind you of the dues from time to time. Likewise, smartphones and other gadgets have alarms you can use. You can even go less-techie with Post-it notes on the refrigerator or bulletin board.

You can avoid suffering the financial consequences of failing to pay rent on time by remembering your due dates. Here at American Heritage Properties, we do more than just help you find a new home in San Diego. Our well-experienced property management agents can also give you tips on avoiding getting late on your monthly payments. Contact us today and let’s work hand-in-hand with your rental concerns.

The Big Move: Are You Ready for a Larger Home? | American Heritage Properties

Whether you are expecting children or have big and hyperactive dogs, your quality of life can be compromised in a smaller home. It is wise to consider moving to a larger, nicer space or a better neighborhood to give you more room to live and help you lead a happier and more satisfying life.

A larger home or a better neighborhood means more rooms, floors, and outdoor areas for children and family to enjoy. If your current home no longer fits your needs, moving to a house or extra bathroom and bedroom is a practical choice. Upsizing will also give the opportunity to have and enjoy a gourmet kitchen, a playroom, and a bigger yard.

The Issue with Affordability

The main concern with a bigger home, however, is its affordability. A larger home or a better neighborhood usually means more expenses. If you’re considering buying a larger space, you need to be ready to handle larger mortgage payments. Keep in mind that upgrading to more square footage means having more areas to clean and maintain, which will affect your current budget.

Fortunately, many property rentals are available if you cannot afford to purchase a home. This is a much practical alternative if you want to move right away, but have insufficient time and money to purchase a new house.  It can save you a considerable amount of money, while letting you and your family enjoy a bigger space.

A Different Life

When you choose to move to a bigger home, it can have a subtle impact on your social status. If you end up renting or moving to a larger home, it means that you’re growing up and making an upgrade that can affect your family’s quality of life.

You will also think that it is such a great relief to have enough space to organize storage and have a place for almost anything. There will be less clutter and you can welcome unexpected visitors without the need to clean up.

The right house for you is whatever that feels right and what you can afford. If you think that a home with four or five bedrooms or three bathrooms will make you happy, it is perfectly fine to go for it. It is still important, however, to look for the right home in an ideal neighborhood. Browse our website today and find out how we can help you find a place to call home.

Best Tips for San Diego Eviction Process – Property Management Education

Today we’re talking about eviction, which is a word no landlord ever wants to hear. However, it can happen from time to time. Here at American Heritage, our eviction rate is less than half of one percent. Over the years we’ve had to conduct quite a few evictions when landlords come to us with their problem tenants and they just don’t know what to do. (more…)

How to Market my San Diego Rental Property Like a Professional Property Manager

We’re talking today about marketing your rental property. Craigslist is the biggest resource in the San Diego rental market. A majority of tenants seek out Craigslist to find rental properties, and even if they go to other places, Craigslist is always a consideration. We also use, and Those help too, especially since you want to go for maximum exposure. You don’t care where the right tenant comes from; you just want to get your property out there. (more…)

Best Tenant Screening in San Diego – How to Find Great Tenants for Your Rental Home

Today we are telling you about how we handle tenant screening. This is one of the most important aspects of property management overall. Finding the right tenant for your home can make or break your experience as a landlord. It’s not that difficult to find the right tenant, but you have to know what to look for. (more…)