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How often do landlords have to replace the carpet?

Over the years I have had many tenants try to educate me on “the law” about having to replace the carpet every five years, or painting every three years….or some variation of that.  The truth is that California civil code has no provision the carpet be replaced or the walls be painted based on a specific time schedule.

In fact, the legal standard for carpet is that it must not be a health or safety hazard.  A health hazard would be carpet that is so filthy that it cannot be cleaned to be in a sanitary condition.  An example of a safety hazard would be carpet that is ripped or is completely worn through.

The legal standard for paint is that it is not peeling or chipping–worn or scuffed walls do not have to be re-painted.

HOWEVER, even though the legal standard is low for carpet and paint replacement, it should still be done prior to reaching the minimum standard.  If your home is in better condition, including carpet, paint, and all other aspects, then you are likely to attract a better quality tenant and do so with a lesser amount of vacancy time.  If you want market value for your home from a good tenant then you have to make your home attractive to them.  In addition, tenants are likely to take better care of the home if it is given to them in a well maintained condition.

If you ever want recommendations of what to do to get a home ready for rent we are happy to come out to give you our thoughts….just call us at 858-695-9400.


Posted by: americanheritageproperties on July 8, 2015
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