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How to Interview a Property Manager in San Diego – Landlord Advice

Friends and family members will often ask what they should look for when they’re trying to find a good property management company. There are a few specific steps to take.

Online Search

First, shop for property management companies on the Internet. Go to Google and type in San Diego property management. Once you see a list of companies to consider, don’t look at the ads so much. Look for organic search results instead. Those companies will pop up because they have been in business for a while and they’ve been doing property management for a long time.

Websites and Reputation

Next, look at websites. You’re looking to see if the company’s content comes across as professional. The first impression is important. Find out if the content matches your needs because that’s important as well. Check out the properties they have on the market for rent. You want to know they manage properties similar to yours. Search the company name and look for Google reviews. See what comes up. There are a number of review sites, and Yelp seems to be one site where people go to complain. But you can check others such as Customer Lobby and Google reviews. You’ll find a lot of good feedback and information there. Spend the time to look for patterns and consistency in areas of management that are important to you. Renting out your home is a big investment, so it’s worth your time and research.

Meeting a Property Manager

Contact the companies that really stand out to schedule an appointment. Have a list of questions prepared and take note of whether they answer the phone. Is there a live person at the office ready to help you? In the future, this is who you will be dealing with, so you want to have a company that is accessible. Once you reach the property manager, ask the questions you want answered. You’ll want to find out how they conduct their marketing and screening, how long they have been in business and what types of properties they manage. You should also ask about fee structures and costs.

Schedule an appointment for them to come to your home. Take the time to show them the property and ask any questions you might have. Notice if they are taking any notes or offering feedback. You want to get a lot of attention. Before you agree to work together, ask for a copy of the contract. This is an important step in validating the fee structure and other information you’ve been told. How to Interview a Property Manager in San Diego – Landlord AdviceWe’ve noticed a lot of nickel and diming that can go on in this business. Read the contract and make sure it’s not completely one-sided. You want them to make your interests a priority.

These are a few things to look for when you’re considering property management. If you have any questions, please contact us at American Heritage Properties.

Posted by: americanheritageproperties on July 21, 2015