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Do You Really Need a Property Manager?

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In order to properly answer that question, ask yourself or a prospective property management company these questions:

Do you have the time to manage your San Diego home?
Are you available to show the home most days?
Do you know what questions to ask of employers and landlords?
Do you have access to credit reports?
Do you know what to look for on a tenant application?
Do you have a lease that is under constant review?
Do you know what to document when you inspect the home?
Do you know federal laws that apply to lead paint disclosure?
Do you know what to do if the tenant does not pay rent?
Do you know who to call for the best rates on maintenance?
Are you available any time in case of a maintenance emergency?
Do you know what the tenant’s rights are?
Do you know what is fair to charge a tenant for when they move out?
Do you know the strict laws governing security deposits?
Do you know what to do if the tenant moves before the lease expires?
Do you have access to free legal advice on Landlord/Tenant law?

If all of your answers were “yes”, then chances are you do not need a property manager. If you answered “no” to any or all questions, you might be subjecting yourself and your home to unnecessary risk, extra vacancy time, and lower rents, just to name a few. At American Heritage Properties, we have considerable resources available to perform the services required to successfully manage your single family San Diego home or condo.