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Should I Consider Pets?

We understand the risk of damage by accepting pets. However, we feel the risk is worth it. When we are aware of a pet we can collect a higher deposit to repair any pet damages. Your property also has a better chance of renting quickly when pets are allowed. By not accepting pets, the amount of prospective tenants looking at your home is reduced by about half. You can also run the risk of a tenant sneaking a pet in anyway and in this case you won’t have an additional deposit to help offset any damages.
California and Federal law do not permit refusal of service animals and emotional support animals. The law circumvents any pet restriction placed by either a landlord or homeowners association. These types of animals must be considered an extension of the person and therefore are not considered a pet. Additionally, a higher deposit cannot be required for the service animal.

Posted by: americanheritageproperties on September 8, 2014
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