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Bonnie Riverdale, CT
After owning a home in San Diego for 15 years, our family had to move to Connecticut. I can’t express how relieved I was to find American Heritage Properties! You have been such a relief to us just knowing that you are there to take care of our house. The renter you found us has been fantastic! Thank you!

My entire team is a 5-star management team! Kevin, Loan, and Vicky – I would not have had the success I’ve had over the last 10 years without them. I have used their names to refer my active duty friends moving out of the area. Yours is truly the BEST property management service in all of San Diego. I could not be more pleased with your service. Thank you – many times over.

Very happy with American Heritage. I heard early on in life that you get what you pay for. Unfortunately today, that is not always the case. But with American Heritage Properties that tradition lives on. They do what the say in a timely manner and keep me informed. Could not ask for more.

You have a tough job. But all in all, you and the rest of AHP are doing an excellent job. Just in case you get some prospective client that is not sure of signing up, please feel free to give them my name and contact info. I would be glad to get them on the right track.

Both Sandy and Holly have been great to deal with. I guess we are so lucky that we found you years ago, and you have been so good most of our tenants have been exceptional. One was even there for I think six years, and the present tenants are in their third year.

Holly and everyone that has worked on her team over the years have taken care of my property at Rincon Street with efficiency and professionalism at all times. I am supremely grateful for their help and am always confident in their handling of all matters. I live out of state and I never worry about my property.

J.N from San Diego
Hi Jen, Thank you for the info. and thanks so much for all you’ve done for me in the last 5 plus years. You guys have been great! I’ll make sure you get copies of the invoices by June 5th. Tell Ed that it’s been great doing business with him and that I’d recommend him (and will) to anyone who needs their property managed. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, J.N.

Pieter and Marianne
Dear Loan, Vicky and Kevin,
Thank you for all your services. It has been almost 15 years since we have used American Heritage. You have always been very professional and assisting us with whatever needs would come up.
We also have almost never lost any rent, because you were always able to find a new renter right away.
If you ever need any references we’ll be happy to respond.
We have been very happy with your services.
We wish you all the best

My wife and I truly believe that Bill Ausen and his company American Heritage is the absolute best when it comes to managing our properties. His integrity, professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge is of the highest order! I have had experiences with a few other property management companies here in San Diego as well as Florida and Hawaii, and I have to say without a doubt and complete sincerity, Bill Ausen and his team are unequivocally the best!

Of course, I am a true believer that the quality of Bill Ausen’s team stems from his leadership. A leader with such high quality can only attract others of the same level of expertise, integrity, and professionalism.

Additionally, I like the idea that his team is large enough to cover all the various aspects that are involved in renting out a home. Each individual, such as Ed Biller, Kevin Korman, Loan Giang, and Vicky Vo, specializes in a specific area. Their attentiveness to detail and utmost respect to us is of the highest order and I find it unprecedented in today’s world.

I would highly recommend Bill Ausen’s American Heritage Company without any hesitation because the peace-of-mind and assurance that my wife Helga and I have with their company managing our four properties here in San Diego allows us the freedom to live our lives as though we did not own any properties at all.

I genuinely believe of all the great choices I have made in my life, trusting Bill Ausen’s American Heritage Company with my real estate investments was the absolutely best decision I have ever made!

You have been managing my property for over 15 years and I am truly pleased with your professionalism on every level.

All of my interactions with AHP have been great. Holly, Soo, and Rick have been most helpful with managing my property. Since I live overseas, I really appreciate the Hassel Free Ownership I have with your firm handling the issues. Thanks a lot for your help! Adio from Dubrovnik!

Ed Biller was my first contact in getting our property listed. He was super helpful, pleasant and professional. Other staff at your office (sorry I don’t remember names) have all been pleasant and responsive as well.

Before retirement, I was a Customer Service Manager for close to 40 years. I understand good customer service and poor service. We are with team 44. Jennifer D. is terrific! Impossible to list all the good things about Jennifer. She is a great asset to your company.

I have another rental property in another state which I manage on my own. All the work I have to do on that property compared to the minimal amount of effort I put in for my AHP managed property tells me you are doing a great job.