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Why use a Property Manager?

Here are a few quick reasons why a homeowner might benefit from using a professional:

1) Screening–the resources and experience in properly screening is usually worth the commission in itself.  A “professional” tenant can cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in lost rent, property damage, and legal fees.

2) Showing the home–time spent fielding calls and showing property can be better spent.

3) Legal issues–it is almost a full time job just to keep up on all of the constantly changing legal issues in the state of California.  Unfortunately the bureaucrats have won and if you don’t cross your T’s and dot your I’s then it will likely cost you.  American Heritage spends considerable resources staying on top of all of these changes so that we can properly represent our clients.

4)  Maintaining the property–from the move in inspection, to routine maintenance, to emergency calls, to the move out inspection–it can be overwhelming trying to figure out who to call and hoping that they will fix it right.

5)  Rent collections–another one that might be worth the commission by itself.  So many landlords are great at their own profession, but not so good a rent collections.  Spare yourself the headache.

American Heritage Properties provides full time/full service property management services to take the hassle out of property management.  Think about the value of your time, effort, and frustration and then ask yourself if it is time for you to get a property manager!

Posted by: americanheritageproperties on July 7, 2014
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